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About Charlotte...


I am a semi-retired artist living in Lawrence, Kansas. An artist since childhood, I have experimented and mastered many medium oils, acrylics, and sculptures. I taught oil painting classes for many years. About ten years ago I discovered colored pencils and never looked back. I love the way light and shadows are captured and displayed in my drawings.


For 17 years, I owned and operated a cottage industry where I designed and created Christmas ornaments and holiday pins. I sold these items all over the world! However, over the past few years I have focused more on color pencil drawings and collegiate artwork. I no longer create the ornaments or pins but have provided a gallery to display my previous work.


Like yours, my children loved the story of Charlotte's Web and that is why the name of my studio is called "In Charlotte's Web." Throughout my life I have been driven by creative design and entangled in the web of art. My family continues to be my inspiration for creativity. I love these treasured memories in my home. Photographs are beautiful, but to have the creative backing of a drawing makes the photograph come to life.


I strive to capture details and I enjoy high contrast. I am proficient with drawing animals, still life, and landscapes. However, my love of drawing is displayed in the portraits I create.


You can access my drawings by clicking on the links above or visit my Portfolio page. I create colored pencil drawings on commission, working from supplied photographs. I also continue to create licensed Kansas Jayhawk artwork (Rock Chalk Jayhawk!). The medium for this art is typically acrylic.


You can order prints of my artwork by visiting Fine Art America or contact me for quote information regarding Jayhawk artwork.








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